MIFI Wealth is reshaping wealth management by bringing awareness of personal experience into finance.

We provide tailored investment portfolios, unique investment advice, and family office solutions to individuals, families, and organizations, within the context of an open and aware understanding of your values and goals.

Our approach to wealth management is based on a lifetime of mindfulness practice.

We help our clients understand complex variables and achieve their financial goals by providing a full view of options in the context of a safe, relaxed atmosphere of care and trust. We prioritize awareness of our client’s experience.


MIFI Wealth is a Mindful Financial services company dedicated to creating a better world.

Our Purpose

This is what gets us out of bed in the morning and serves as an inspirational reminder of why we do our work.
MIFI Wealth is a Mindful Finance company. We apply mindfulness practices to our profession to help our clients navigate the emotions around personal finance and achieve their financial goals.

Client Service Philosophy

It’s no secret that thinking about money and finances can cause stress. We will help you become empowered and engaged with your money as an integrated part of your life.

How do we Implement Mindfulness at MIFI Wealth?

Socially Responsible Investing

& Impact Investing

Mindful Finance and impact investing make beautiful bedfellows.
Often, when investors approach their finances from the Mindful Finance perspective, they discover new, non-financial goals along with clear financial goals. These discoveries becomes guideposts for portfolio creation, causing investors not only to invest to “do well by doing good,” but in a way that can fulfill their individual needs as an investor.
We’re a B Corp. B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.
B Corp certification is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk.

A Mindful Finance company is run by mindfulness practitioners.

Sol is the original pioneer of Mindful Finance. Through his work as an investment advisor, writer, lecturer, and consultant, he articulates all the ways that mindfulness practices can help individuals and organizations.

Jesse leads MIFI Wealth’s executive-level client service experience and is devoted to brighter financial futures. Jesse is a lifelong meditation practitioner.