Bringing humanity into finance.

When it comes to your financial well-being, competence and compassion are our key deliverables. Our mission is to be mindful of your financial goals, and to make sure they’re achieved in a thoughtful and empowering manner.

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MIFI Wealth is reshaping wealth management by bringing awareness of personal experience into finance.

We provide investment, financial planning, and family office solutions to individuals, families, and organizations, within an open, aware, and understanding context to match your values and achieve your goals.

Portfolio Management

We will build and manage your values-aligned investment portfolio to protect and grow your assets.

Family Office Services

We provide the team and processes you need to be a successful steward of your wealth.

Financial Planning

We will guide you through a comprehensive process to unearth your personal financial goals and work through the essential areas needed to build a solid financial plan.

Life Insurance
& Long Term Care

We specialize in creative insurance solutions. Our approach is based on creating a relaxed, non-fearful context for intelligent conversations about your needs, resources, and goals.

Private & Corporate Consulting

MIFI Wealth is a respected entity in the world of mindful leadership. Our professionals deliver speaking engagements, provide private and corporate consulting, and write on mindfulness topics.

Our Client Process

Learn about our client process and see how we combine solid financial advice with sound mindfulness techniques.