A respected entity in the world of mindful leadership.

MIFI Wealth can help you bring Mindful Finance into your personal life, event, or company. We love to share our empowering, holistic programming and techniques for successful financial management systems, investment decisions, financial decisions, personal growth, and business practices.

Speaking Engagements

MIFI Wealth professionals regularly speak and teach about Mindful Leadership and Mindful Finance at businesses, universities, and conferences. To learn more about how to bring a dynamic speaker who will mix theoretical and experiential learning to your event, group, or company, please contact us.

Mindful Finance Consulting


We work directly with individuals to transform their relationship to their wealth, helping them become and remain organized, empowered, and proactive about their opportunities. Individual consulting does not require portfolio management or any other service engagements with MIFI Wealth.

There are very specific benefits that finance professionals can also gain by engaging in Mindful Finance practices, particularly in the areas of:

We work directly with finance professionals to help them access the benefits that mindfulness practices can offer.

Organizations and Groups

Mindful Finance techniques can similarly benefit organizations and groups, improving their effectiveness and success. Curriculum and approach vary depending on goals. Areas of focus can include communication, community building, cultural change, adaptability, manager training, employee benefits, retention, and any other area that is facing rapid change or obsolescence, or experiencing sub-optimal performance.

Find out more about how you can bring Mindful Finance to your life, team, event, or organization.