Client Process

The 5 phases of the Client Process

Our specialized process has been carefully structured to foster a nurturing relationship and set you up for success. Let us walk you through the steps to align you your money with your needs and goals.

Empowerment is key.

The MIFI Wealth process will create the space for you to become empowered in you financial life and plan effectively for your financial well-being.

Phase 1

Making Contact

Simply reach out to us! Our approach to wealth management is as visionary as our customer service philosophy. We’d love to hear from you for an initial consultation.

Phase 2


The goal of our initial meeting, which takes roughly 30 minutes, is to introduce ourselves to each other.

Phase 3

Getting to Know You

During your second meeting with MIFI Wealth we’ll tell you more about investment strategy and gain an in-depth understanding of your needs, resources, and goals.

Phase 4

Welcome to MIFI Wealth

We will work together so that you are excited to enter into a formal client-adviser relationship.

Phase 5

Portfolio Creation
& Initial Planning

We will finalize your personalized portfolio and initial plan.

Ready to start the Phase 1 conversation?