Family Office

Life is Better With Us On Your Team

Our promise and key deliverable is to improve your life. Your MIFI Family Office will be suited exactly to your needs. Our family office people and processes will be the organizing factor you can rely on for the systems and support network you need to be a fulfilled and successful steward of your wealth.

MIFI Family Office Services

We can work with your current investment advisors, overlaying our Mindful Finance approach.  Or, we can manage your investments, fully implementing our values-aligned, impact oriented investment strategies. In either case, we’ll help you become empowered and intentional with your investments.

Your other service providers can help you within the sphere of their expertise: tax and accounting, banking, legal, etc. We will help you coordinate all these and, more importantly, identify your goals and immediate stress points to become a source of solutions to make your finances an integrated part of your life.

With your guidance, our MIFI Family Office processes and organizing principles will be applied to your life and managed by a team of caring humans who have made financial services their profession.


Family Office Organization and Processes

Our MIFI Family office processes and systems will provide you with an organized and efficient way to identify and achieve your goals. Your tailored Pulse Meetings will actually add time to your schedule and lower the stress from your many demands by formalizing your method of success. From tackling everyday tasks to planning for a multi-generational legacy, every goal you set will benefit from this clarity and organization. We provide you with the structure and expertise you can use to meet your challenges.


Investment Management

Our Mindful Finance approach to investing will create a portfolio that reflects your values and goals.

We go beyond the standard level of investment management and portfolio building to align and inspire you with your investments. Your existing investments and the direction you may want to move in are considered, and your input and insight is sought. We take a team approach with you to empower your relationship with your investments.


Personalized Team

Your MIFI Family Office services are delivered by a team of outstanding service providers. You will find that our process and systems create the necessary connections between you and your team to develop lasting, trusted relationships that you will value. Our assistance and guidance goes beyond traditional services to achieve your biggest goals and solve your toughest challenges.


Protection, Trust, and Confidentiality:

One of the most important things we can offer our clients is to look out for their best interests and their needs. Trust is paramount and we will take the time to build trust with you. Our MIFI Family Office team members are trained that it takes bravery and skill to give good advice. Consistently providing services in a caring and brave manner will build trust. MIFI upholds the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity, allowing you to navigate wealth complexities with confidence in our experience and expertise.

We are committed to understanding your financial story and the path ahead.


Retreats & Family Meetings

Your MIFI Family office experience can include focused and powerful retreats and family meetings, facilitated by your team and other experts that are called for in the circumstances. We have the resources and experience in this area to provide a transformative Mindful Finance retreat or meeting experience for your family, business teams, philanthropic partners, or any other individual or group.



Paying attention, in a particular way, on purpose, and non-judgmentally. Your MIFI Family Office team members are trained to provide the space and clarity in their own minds to do their jobs well. We believe you will feel the difference. If you like, all our mindfulness techniques and training is available to you as well.