Portfolio Management

We combine traditional portfolio management practices with cutting edge investments to build and manage your values-aligned investment portfolio.

Managing your wealth sensibly means making sure that your investments fit into the larger picture of your life. Our solution-driven investment advice is designed to align your specific needs, goals, and resources.

Investment Philosophy and Methodology

Methods can significantly reduce risk.

A style of investing where returns are derived from several different, yet complementary, methods can significantly reduce risk. Our experience as investors has led us to see that long-term investment appreciation can take care of itself if you can mitigate losses during negative market environments. Our work is to maximize your portfolio return within the greater context of our risk control methods and our strong belief in diversification. As investment managers we endeavor to identify how best to:

Investing with these goals in mind is an ongoing process. Our methods of identifying the opportunities that present themselves have a flexibility to them that is inherited from the changeability of the world.

Our approach to increasing your wealth is achieved through:

Your Investments

Broadly speaking, we view your investment portfolio in two tiers: Traditional and Private. Traditional investments include all publicly traded securities. Private investments include all other investments, which can provide you with outstanding opportunities for growth and diversification, but may be more risky or less liquid than traditional investments. We will also include “Use Assets,” such as your residence(s), automobiles, and other like assets in our investment considerations when appropriate, but we will not consider them to be a part of your investment portfolio.

Liquid Investment and Private Investment Portfolios

At MIFI Wealth, we build portfolios with keen attention to liquidity.

The ability to convert an investment to cash, in a cost-efficient and time-efficient manner, is an important distinction between investment types. A common way to refer to “liquid and illiquid investments” is as “publicly traded and private investments.”

Both publicly traded and private investments offer excellent opportunities. At MIFI Wealth, our openness to private investments sets us apart – and we find our clients are often most engaged, empowered, and excited by this aspect of their portfolio. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm we are able to provide guidance and access to the investment opportunities our clients desire.

Socially Responsible (ESG, SRI, etc.) and Impact investments are available in both public and private investments. We specialize in building impactful portfolios for our clients.

Your MIFI Wealth Services Liquid Investment Portfolio will be built to provide you with a risk-managed investment in highly liquid public securities. Portfolio allocations will be tailored to your individual risk profile, needs, resources, and goals. Balancing diversification with the pursuit of opportunities is the key to your MIFI Wealth portfolio.

Your MIFI Wealth Services Private Investment Portfolio will be built to provide you with access to outstanding opportunities for growth and diversification. Broadly, any investment that is not in a tradable, liquid holding (like a public company stock) is a private investment. Private investments can be as simple as a purchase of an investment property or as complex as venture capital, private equity, structured notes, or hedge funds. While Private investments carry their own set of risks, they can provide outsize returns, diversification, and other benefits to your portfolio.

Risk Control And Diversification

We identify four primary methods of risk control and diversification:

Our systematic approach, as shown below, is applied to your personal financial needs in order to build you a tailored portfolio.

The charts below illustrate the same sample portfolio viewed through the different lenses we use to analyze risk control and diversification.

Asset Class Diversity

We break the public securities market into 7 asset classes: US Equities, International Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities & Metals, Currencies, Real-Estate, and Alternatives. In allocating your portfolio we work to balance diversity and pursuit of opportunity across these asset classes.

Sample Portfolio by Asset Class

Sector / BroadBased Exposure

Broadly, an individual company (stock or bond) carries three risks: company specific risk, sector risk, and market risk. Eliminating company specific risk by avoiding individual stocks or bonds is our preferred investment method.

Sample Portfolio by Sector

Investment Methodology

Having a diversity of views on how to invest working for you builds portfolio strength. Participating in a set of investment methodologies can lower risk, raise return, or both. Broadly we group methodologies into three categories: Rules-Based/Technical, Macro/Fundamental, Outside Manager Skill/Methodology.

Sample Portfolio by Investment Methodology


We believe it is important to have some investments that are tactical and quick in nature along with those that reflect a long-term view of value creation. We categorize positions as Short-term/Opportunistic – one day to one year; and Long-Term/Core – longer than one year.

The above graphs represent a sample “balanced” portfolio we might create for a client after evaluating his or her risk profile and investment goals and is only illustrative of our general investment philosophy. You should not assume your portfolio will be identical or similar nor should you use these graphs alone to make a decision to invest with MIFI Wealth as there are many factors not presented here that we use to create portfolios for our clients.

Sample Portfolio by Time-Frame