Life Insurance & Long Term Care

Creating smart, creative insurance solutions is one of MIFI Wealth's specialties.

Our approach is to create a relaxed, non-fearful context for intelligent conversations about the potential benefits and protection that insurance can provide. We will help you determine if insurance should be part of your plan for the future.

Life Insurance

We’ll help you to determine if life insurance makes sense in your financial plan.

Most people are not aware of the tax advantages and powerful leverage of resources that can be achieved with life insurance. In particular, parents, business owners, and wealthy individuals with taxable estates, should be aware of the solutions that life insurance can provide for their needs.

Almost everyone is insurable, and often the cost is very affordable.

Beyond its help in transferring financial risk and offering peace of mind, life insurance can provide other useful functions, such as:

Long Term Care Insurance

People are living longer, healthier lives than ever. Yet, a fear comes with this good fortune: the fear of outliving savings. For this reason, the cost of long term care is an essential consideration in your financial planning.

It is particularly important to consider long term care insurance options for those who:

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