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Mindful Finance—the Backbone of Our Advising Strategy

With the advent of 2014 we are proud to announce that we spent all last year on a path to deepen the connection between our internal selves and our external business persona.

The result of this work is not a dramatic change, but rather a deliberate proclamation of what has always been the underlying strength of our investment strategies and client advising: Mindfulness. The backbone of our business is our obsession with unique, proprietary investment strategies and outstanding client service. The common denominator underlying these company offerings is our training in mindfulness practices.

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.” -Jon Kabat-Zinn

As the leaders of MIFI Wealth, Jesse Grimes and I have always placed sanity at the top of our priorities for our clients and ourselves. In a certain way this is a funny priority for a finance firm to place at the top. Higher pursuits, like sanity, or meaning are not commonly melded with finance. However, our training and common sense tells us that if we want to lead a sane and meaningful life we need to fully incorporate our finances. Avoiding, ignoring, justifying or otherwise strategizing how to push financial circumstances away does not truly solve any of the complex practical and emotional issues that modern financial life brings.


Finding Perspective

Mindfulness training creates space, or openness and perspective. Valuing space, and providing space in the experiences around finance is what sets us apart as A Mindful Finance Company. This is both an ongoing internal process that we employ in our investment decisions, and a view we bring into our work with clients. Our dedication to mindfulness makes us better able to serve our clients’ needs. It also makes us better able to understand the intricate variables, emotional traps, and discipline required in investment decision making. The open space created by mindfulness practice is the perfect vessel for the rigor and clarity which benefit investing and financial decisions.

A year is a long time to spend reflecting on inspiration, purpose, and what has made our company successful. In retrospect, it is a little humorous to think that it took us, life-long meditators, a year to see the strength mindfulness has brought to our business. That said, we also recognize that there is something quite unusual and even revolutionary about our company. Not revolutionary in a destabilizing way, but rather in a stabilizing way. Our clients should benefit not just from outstanding investment advice, but also from a stabilized relationship to their finances.

We envision a brave change to the relationship between sanity and finance, which links the two so that they support each other.

It is a bit sad that the idea of financial matters being a key to sanity is uncommon. We envision a brave change to the relationship between sanity and finance, which links the two so that they support each other. This change may not come quickly, and it may not come in a predictable manner. As well, the path will be different for each person or organization as a constantly evolving process rather than a moment in time. This is very beautiful and human – a couple more qualities that also are not often associated with finance.

We are excited to continue our exploration of finance and mindfulness. Please share your thoughts with us to help us in our advocacy of finance as a path to sanity. As always, we are here to help you in any way we can.

As Seen In

“Relating to our personal finances can be very destabilizing. Feelings of peace and confidence are often masked by obsession, uncertainty or fear. Most people have developed strong, habitual patterns with respect to their financial lives, including taxes. Mindfulness cuts through these patterns and can allow us to see money matters more clearly, and accomplish positive change.”

Solomon Halpern

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The New York Times

“Mindfulness allows our personal experiences, narratives, and emotions to become valuable tools rather than distractions to our financial planning.”

Solomon Halpern

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“There seems to be a lack of synchronicity, a separation from the financial self.”

Solomon Halpern

Wall St Daily


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