Investing the MIFI Wealth Way

At MIFI Wealth we take pride in our investment strategies. One of the inspirations to start the firm was to offer professional investment strategies to all.

We have observed that professional investors (hedge funds, family offices, wealthy individuals, etc.) do not take the standard stock/bond split approach to investing their assets. Instead, they look for investments that have unique aspects which enhance their value as a holding.

The prima facie goal of investing may seem very simple: to make money. However, actual portfolio construction and management for individuals is fraught with complexities.

The prima facie goal of investing may seem very simple: to make money. However, actual portfolio construction and management for individuals is fraught with complexities.

Rather than one goal there are many:

  • maximize return
  • minimize risk
  • diversify
  • avoid taxation
  • produce income
  • incorporate values
  • social impact, etc.

All these goals then need to be taken in context of the time-frame of the investment, client needs, and any other factors at play. As it turns out, the goal of investing is as complex and varied as each person that decides to invest.


Designing an Investment Strategy

In the face of this complexity, our strategies have been designed to be used in concert with one another to address the personal characteristics required by each of our clients. Going further, we are able to modify any strategy to address individualized needs and goals. An analogy for this would be piloting a ship with the strong guidelines of known routes, while always having the ability and awareness to make adjustments based on the actual circumstances encountered.

Most of the strategies we use are proprietary to our firm as the result of initial and ongoing in-house research. However, we also seek excellent outside managers; who’s strategies we can use to complement our own, and enhance client portfolios. In portfolio creation we value multi-variable diversification, risk-adjusted returns, and values alignment. The strategies we allocate to support these desirable qualities.

  • Multi-Variable Diversification – We monitor our portfolio construction for positive results in diversity by: asset class, specific or broad based exposure, investment methodology, and time-frame. Without going into full detail here, these diversification classifications are lenses through which we view a portfolio to embed a much more robust version of diversification than is typical of retail investment advisors.
  • Risk-Adjusted Returns – Observing total investment return without regard to risk is almost meaningless. As investment managers we endeavor to identify means of: a. Increasing return for the same amount of risk b. Decreasing risk for the same amount of return, or c. Increasing return and decreasing risk
  • Values Alignment – We offer clients the opportunity to invest in a portfolio that is both responsible to their personal life needs, as well as a reflection of their values.

Beyond the sphere of publicly traded securities, we are also open to the inclusion of private investments in a portfolio. We seek outstanding and appropriate investment opportunities for our clients; and sometimes these come in the form of private investments. Whether we find a great opportunity, or our client brings us an idea that they have come across, we are there to examine risks, terms, exit strategy, liquidity, position sizing, and other aspects of a private investment.

Investing is not “life and death”, but it does have a significant influence throughout the course of our lives and over generations. We envision an advisory relationship with our clients whereby the financial aspects of life support and nourish an inspired, good life. We believe that a sense of peace and sanity can be accessed in the area of finance. Our investment strategies and portfolio work grow out of the desire to instill confidence and clarity in our clients. This is achieved by offering outstanding investment options within the larger scope of what will be needed to care for the future. After all, investing is about positioning our current resources for a bright future.

We are excited to share further information about our investment strategies, and philosophy. If this is an area of interest for you, please let us know. As always, we are here to help you in any way we can.


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“Relating to our personal finances can be very destabilizing. Feelings of peace and confidence are often masked by obsession, uncertainty or fear. Most people have developed strong, habitual patterns with respect to their financial lives, including taxes. Mindfulness cuts through these patterns and can allow us to see money matters more clearly, and accomplish positive change.”

Solomon Halpern

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The New York Times

“Mindfulness allows our personal experiences, narratives, and emotions to become valuable tools rather than distractions to our financial planning.”

Solomon Halpern

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“There seems to be a lack of synchronicity, a separation from the financial self.”

Solomon Halpern

Wall St Daily


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